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A jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination

A jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination


jqPagination is a jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination for your web site or application. Instead of displaying a list of page numbers like traditional pagination methods jqPagination uses an interactive 'Page 1 of 5' input that, when selected, allows the user to enter their desired page number.

The plugin will ensure that only valid pages can be selected, a valid request will result in the paged callback. First, previous, next and last buttons work out of the box, but are optional.

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  • Improved: Updated contact information


  • Improved: Getting of plugin options
  • New: Added contributors file
  • Improved: Moved styles from LESS to SCSS
  • Improved: Tidied up repo HTML
  • Fixed: Re-ordered setting plugin options to prevent current page exceeding max pages (fixed by wh)


  • Improved: Added functionality to pass multiple options to option method (based on m-hume's code)
  • Fixed: Prevent the triggering of the updated calback on set option (based on m-hume's code)
  • Improved: Seting the page to the current page no longer returns false


  • Demo: Removed ObserverApp analytics code from demo
  • Demo: Updated copyright date in demo
  • Demo: Updated feedback and support copy in demo


  • Improved: Added plugin manifest for jQuery plugins repo


  • Fixed: Incorrect GitHub fork ribbon image url
  • Fixed: Added Google Analytics tracker code
  • Fixed: Initial input focus setting undefined value


  • Fixed: callMethod function was failing to call the desired function


  • Fixed: Added fallback for the console object methods
  • Improved: Now using .on() jQuery event handler
    • Note: Updated jQuery to 1.7.2
  • Improved: Modified method handling
  • New: Added destroy method


  • Fixed: Prevent paged() callback from firing on initialisation


  • Feature: Exposed get / set max_page and current_page options (based on Zikes' code)
  • Feature: Added disabled class (based on Zikes' code)
  • Fixed: Added proper CSS gradients and fallback
  • Fixed: 'invalid assignment left-hand side' bug in Firefox


  • Initial release




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