A Leaderboard app that pulls from a LeaderboardGameAPI and allows users to view recent scores and add more scores to the score board. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Webpack.

App Screeshot

Built With

  • html
  • css
  • JavaScript
  • API
  • Webpack

Live Demo

For user first hand experience, please visit this link

Getting Started

To get a copy of this project running on your local computer, do the followings:


  • Must have a working computer
  • A Web-Browser installed (Chrome – Recommended)


  • Install VSCode (link)
  • Clone this project repository on your local computer. (link)
  • Open the project directory with VSCode


Open Terminal/Shell inside your VSCode and run

  npm install --force

Run tests

  • For webhint tests, run
      npm run lint:hint
  • For stylelint tests, run
      npm run lint:style
  • For eslint tests, run
      npm run lint:es
  • For running a webpack local server, run
      npm start


👤 Steve

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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