Mockenzo mock-server

Mockenzo is a library to help developers and testers to create mock servers in an easy and practical way

It is a library compatible with all types of unit and integration tests.


Use your favorite package manager to install:

npm install mockenzo --dev
yarn add mockenzo -D


const Mockenzo = require('mockenzo')//javascript / typescript
const mockJsonFile = require('./path/mock_jsonfile_response200.json')

    .on(3000)//listen on port
    .post('/enzo')//init config route
        .delay(3000)//add delay for response
        .statusCode(400)//send status code
            'error_code': 400,
            'error_description': 'Bad Request'
        .run()//finish config and run
    .get('/enzo')//init new route
            'error_code': 401,
            'error_description': 'Unauthorized'
    .start(() => {
        console.log("server is running")


yarn standalone

How to use

Methods Description
on(port) Create server listening port
get(‘/’) Create method get
post(‘/’) Create method post
put(‘/’) Create method put
delete(‘/’) Create method delete
path(‘/’) Create method path
statusCode(statusCode) Send status code number
response({ }) Response object
responseJsonFile(file) Response file json object (add file json using require)
delay(timeMilliseconds) add response delay in milliseconds
run() finish the route configuration and run


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