? Lit File Generator

A lit generator for a component, directive, and controller.

Install the library:

npm i @ngneat/lit-file-generator -g


Or via npx:

npx @ngneat/lit-file-generator litgen
npx @ngneat/lit-file-generator litgen component name
npx @ngneat/lit-file-generator litgen directive name
npx @ngneat/lit-file-generator litgen controller name

Base Path:

By default, the directory prompt is set to the current directory.

To change it, add to the root package.json the following config:

  "lit": {
   "basePath": "./src/app/"

The path should be relative to the package.json.

Component Prefix:

The default component selector prefix is app. You can change it by setting the prefix option:

  "lit": {
   "prefix": "lit"


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