Adventures of Red

  • Adventures of Red is a little platformer game I made within just 4 hours.
  • In this you just have to kill one enemy and collect 20 coins.
  • You can edit this game with GDevelop.
  • You need a pc or a laptop keybaord to play this game.


  • Can run in the browser
  • Can run it with installing it
  • Can edit with GDevelop
  • Can edit with a code editor


Released Setups

  • Windows exefile
  • Mac archieved file
  • Linux AppImage

Installing and Running

  • download adventures_of_redx64_windows.exe to install this game on windows (you need a 64 bit pc to run this game)

    • After downloading, double click on the setup to install and run
  • download to install this on Mac

    • After downloading, extract the archive and double click on the app to launch it
Note: When launching the game on Windows and macOS, you might get a notice about security. Choose to run the game anyway. On macOS, you may need to open Security and Privacy tab in System Preferences.

Editing with GDevelop

  • download adventures_of_red.json to edit this game with GDevelop
  • download GDevelop desktop app
  • open the downloaded file with GDevelop

Support this game

  • If you think this game is good, support this project by starring and sharing this project with your friends

Can I contribute?

  • Sure. Open an issue, point out errors and what not? wanna fix something yourself? open a PR and I really appreciate it


  • If you have any doughts reguarding this project, ask any questions in discussions


  • This project is licensed under MIT license
  • Read more about it here.

Copyright (c) 2022 Chandula Janith


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