A low-quality mod made by a rookie

There may be many grammatical mistakes in the descriptions because of my poor English ability.If any problem is founded(Not limited to grammatical problems),please feedbackto my mail:[email protected]‘ll treat every response sincerely.

What does this mod added


  • 2 new items that are used in the middle or the later period of game


  • 5 powerful new turrets 3 of them are the upgrade version of some original turrets


  • A new type of packing conveyor which can be used after you capture the craters


  • 1 new type of impact reactor


  • 5 new factories,1 of them is the upgrade version of original factories 2 types of large unstable alloy smelter,you can choose which to use in different situations


  • Unstable wall(Has a higher health and lightning chance) (I had tried to write some new abilities to this.For example,release impact when it get hit.Unfortunately,I haven’t got enough skill to do this)


  • 2 types of assist turret.They may not do much damage,but they can limit the enemy in different degree


  • A new kind of 2×2 factory that can produce tier 0.9 units.You can use it before you capture the frozen forest
  • Dagger-alpha&Flare-alpha:They have almost the same performance as the original dagger and flare,but they can build with lower price,and they will be researched for free after you researched the alpha factory


  • Constructural Damage
  • Fixed speed Lv1&2


  • Thanks for reading this page! This is the first time I made a mindustry mod.Maybe some of the contents are very terrible and some of the sprites are ugly.Anyway,I will try my best to improve this mod(sprites,contents,etc.)。

Special thanks

  • Carrot — Spriter of machine tool crossbow
  • EB-wilson — Spriter of unstable sentry gun
  • guiYMOUR — Some advice about the mod
  • And you — The one who has read this page


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