🕵️‍ Malfrat’s OSINT Map

🗺 Available here !

Malfrat’s OSINT Map is an online tree of selected useful tools made for OSINT purposes, made to help you during your investigations 👀

It is an up-to-date and remastered version of osintframework.com, who isn’t updated anymore.

📥 Add a tool

To add a tool to the map, follow this guide.

🏁 Legend

Emoji Signification
📦 A tool requiring to be installed
💵 Inefficient tool without purchases
🌍 An online tool or service
📒 A guide, tutorial or documentation
🪙 Useful tool even without purchases
🧅 Leading to a .onion website
🧩 A web browser extension
❗️ Offensive-OSINT that might alert the target

📢 For Update Notifications

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