Minimal Pomo Timer

Pomodoro Twitch Overlay. I designed this for my co-working stream so that it is automatic and I don’t need to set the timer every time. You customize the style, pomodoros and control it using chat commands on stream – shown below.

This works by installing it onto your PC rather than having it hosted online on streamlabs or streamelements since that would be lighter on the PC and for example sounds when the timer finishes are less likely to get affected when you have a slow laptop/PC (used to have a laptop before PC and suffered from this).


  1. Download the zip to your desired location image

  2. Add a browser source

  3. Choose timer.html


  1. The sound of the timer needs to limited in OBS using a limiter so that you can control the exact volume you would like it sound on Stream image image


Within the folder, find and open the file called configs.js using notepad

The file should look like this with comments on how to change the default configurations: image

Channel: channel for which to connect the bot to username: username of the bot you which to have connected to this overlay, e.g. I have a separate bot called moh_manager for my channel that is connected to all the overlays.

For oauth do the following steps:

  1. Log In to
  2. Copy the token
  3. Paste into configs

oauth is a token that acts like a password that only allows the overlay to send messages on behalf of that account.

How to use

  • !timer start: begins the timer with the defauly configuration
  • !timer goal 10: changes the timer goal to 10
  • !timer cycle 5: changes the current timer cycle to 5
  • !timer skip: skips the current session (either work or break)
  • !timer 15:00: changes the time of the current Pomo to 15:00
  • !timer 600: changes the time of the pomo to 10:00 (works with seconds)
  • !timer add 50: adds 50 seconds to the current time
  • !timer pause
  • !timer resume
  • !timer reset: clears the timer (also !timer clear)


I built this code using sacket’s timer countown as initial boiler plate – found here

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