ForDaFolio 🚀

A minimal portfolio template for Developers!

Elwyn Portfolio Template

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Note: Since this template is currently being worked on, expect that the code is not yet organized and optimized. Check here to contribute

Technologies used 🛠️

  • Next.Js
  • Vanta JS
  • NextUI
  • TailwindCSS


⚡️ Modern and Minimalist Design ⚡ One Page Layout ⚡ Fully Responsive ⚡ Styled with Tailwind CSS and NextUI

Prerequisites 🍪

You should have Node.js and Git installed on your PC. You should also own a GitHub account.

How To use 🪛

From your command line, first clone Simplefolio:

# Clone the repository
$ git clone

# Move into the repository
$ cd ForDaFolio

# Remove the current origin repository
$ git remote remove origin

After that, you can install the dependencies either using NPM or Yarn.

Using NPM: Simply run the below commands.

# Install dependecies
$ npm install

# Start the development server
$ npm run dev

# Start the production server
$ npm run build

Once your server has started, go to this url http://localhost:3000/ to see the portfolio locally. It should look like the below screenshot.



Please open an issue for support


If you’d like to contribute, a great place to look is the issues marked with help-wanted.

If you discover any issues in the code, you may change it or organize the codes while still developing this portfolio by creating pull request


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