Webxdc Vite Template

A minimalist Vite project template for Webxdc development.


  • ⚡️ Fast development with Vite 2 and pnpm

  • 📱 Integrated Webxdc simulator to test your Webxdc right on the browser while developing, and Eruda to debug inside Delta Chat.

  • 📦 Automatically minify, build and release your .xdc file


Installing Dependencies

After cloning this repo for the first time, install dependecies:

pnpm i


To test your work in real time while developing:

pnpm dev

💡 TIP: To debug inside Delta Chat, uncomment the script tag at the end of index.html file and your Webxdc will be packaged with developer tools inside!


To package your Webxdc file:

pnpm build

The resulting optimized .xdc file is saved in dist/ folder.


To automatically build and create a new GitHub release with your .xdc file:

git tag v1.0.1
git push origin v1.0.1

Try it now!

GitHub Template

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