A mojo.js plugin that adds support for ejs templates. The code of this plugin is a good example for learning to build new plugins, you’re welcome to fork it.

import mojo from '@mojojs/core';
import ejsPlugin from 'mojo-plugin-ejs';

const app = mojo();

// Render template "views/index.html.ejs"
app.get('/template', async ctx => {
  await ctx.render({view: 'index'});

// Render an inline ejs template
app.get('/inline', async ctx => {
  await ctx.render({inline: '<%- greeting %> World!', engine: 'ejs'}, {greeting: 'Hello'});


To change the default engine for inline templates you can also set app.renderer.defaultEngine to ejs. Or you can register the template engine with a completely different name.

app.plugin(ejsPlugin, {name: 'foo'});
app.renderer.defaultEngine = 'foo';


All you need is Node.js 16.0.0 (or newer).

$ npm install mojo-plugin-ejs


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