AWS S3 Bucket Purge

This package is intended to ease the process of deleting multiple buckets at once, even if the buckets are not empty


  • Ensure your AWS credentials is configured (Either using aws configure or through profile export)
  • Ensure your credentials has sufficient permission to perform S3 operations(s3:GetBucket, s3:ListBuckets, s3:DeleteBucket, s3:ListObjectsV2, s3:DeleteObject)


Install the package through: \

npm i -g @mrblock7777/aws-s3-purge

Basic usage

Dryrun (Running delete simulation):

aws-s3 purge --keyword [your-bucket] --dryrun

Delete empty buckets:

aws-s3-purge --keyword [your-bucket]

Delete empty & non-empty buckets:

aws-s3-purge --keyword [your-bucket] --force

Future implementation

  • Support for –role-arn, to assume different roles
  • Support for delete all S3 buckets
  • More details dryrun (to include objects that will be deleted as well)


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