A Node JS application that sends a weather report to a discord webhook.

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Getting Started


Install Node.js on your device, create an webhook on your discord server and create an free account on https://openweathermap.org/ and generate an API Key.

Discord Webhook

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Clone project

Clone the project on your device and open the config.json. Put in the discord webhook (discord.com/api/webhooks/username/secret)your API Key, city name and the city id. You can find the citys on https://openweathermap.org and the id in the website url. Now you only need to choose an intervall how often the application sends the data to the webhook (e.g. 1.000 is one second and 3.600.000 is an hour). After that you can run the main.js with Node.js.

2022-03-27 19_13_09-Сurrent weather and forecast - OpenWeatherMap – Opera

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This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details.


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