The Games Foxes Play

A nontraditional traditional roguelike about critters and soul harvesting.

Crumble under dozens of stowaway mind parasites, sell them for profit to a narcissistic hivemind, use laser beams to defeat hordes of cybernetically enhanced housecats, die, respawn, then do it all over again!


  • Death is as valuable as life – This game is impossible to beat without dying. However, death allows you to expunge the parts of your character that lead to your end, and become stronger in the next life. Of course, such privileges are limited in number, and a true death is just around the corner…

  • No grinding, no instant run enders, no long walks across empty space – I’ve had it with massive soulless dungeons born from the Eroje%pj21rpe5wjp Algorithm or whatever. I’ve also had it with the hundred thousand toothpicks I’m supposed to poke myself with one by one to get +2% damage against the Lord of Wasted Time final boss. Finally, I’ve had it with “It breathes! You die…”. Losses are the sum of many small mistakes instead.

  • An unusual alternative to experience points – Slaying creatures awards you with Souls. Souls can be invoked for minor powers, but watch that they do not clog up your inventory, burying your truly strong abilities in piles of ineffectual pea shooters! Thankfully, they also serve as the currency of the game, for many in this world are interested by the acquisition of the identities of the deceased.

  • Extensive lore presented through nonmodal elements – If you care about why exactly the air elemental foxes have cybernetic augments, you can learn all my worldbuilding through tile descriptions and dialogue in a message box, but you will (almost) never be locked out of key-mashing and combat. Those who don’t care about the “why” and just want to smash some robotic woodland critters can easily do so without interruption.


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