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🟨 About the package 🟨

This package offers very simple functions to make your life as a developer even easier. The goal behind this package is to allow developers to implement simple manipulations on strings, numbers and arrays without having to google their way to an efficient answer.

Happy coding!

🟡 Get started 🟡

  const man = require("manipulations")
  man.reverseStr("Rani") // inaR

💛 Installation 💛

$ npm i manipulations

💡 Manipulations 💡

  • reverseStr – returns the string reversed
  • randomNum – returns a number between a set of 2 numbers
  • smallest – returns the smallest number in an array
  • biggest – returns the biggest number in the array
  • sortAsc – returns the array in an ascending order
  • sortDesc – returns the array in an descending order
  • avg – returns the average of an array
  • divisible – returns true/false if a number is divisible by another
  • sum – returns the sum of a array
  • randomArr – returns the array in a random order
  • remDupes – returns the array without any duplicates


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