Have parcel turn svg into elm modules for you

Elm and SVGs are both awesome. Luckily parcel can help us turn SVG straight into an Elm module.

This plugin is for ParcelJS version 2

Installing and Setup

npm i -D parcel-transformer-elm-svg-modules

Then in your .parcelrc add the transformer BEFORE the regular Elm transform (the svg modules need to be generated before Elm is compiled)

  "extends": "@parcel/config-default",
  "transformers": {
    "*.elm": ["parcel-transformer-elm-svg-modules", "..."] // <-- add the new transform here, the "..." is important to keep the other defaults


To configure, add this to your package.json. The following entry would load SVGs from src/assets/images/ and combine them into an Elm Module named Icons located at src/Icons.elm. You can add more entries to the array to generate multiple modules. Here’s an example:

  "elmSvgModules": [
      "inputSvgs": "src/assets/images/svg/*.svg", // a glob to place where your SVGs are
      "outputModuleName": "Icons", // the module name of the Elm module that's generated
      "outputModuleDir": "src/" // the location of the Elm module
Option Required Default
inputSvgs Yes
outputModuleName No Icons
outputModuleDir no src/

outputModuleName can also be something like Acme.Icons to generate a nested module.

Using the new Module in your code

Make sure to add elm/svg and elm/virtual-dom to your elm.json

elm install elm/svg
elm install elm/virtual-dom

Then in your Elm use your SVGs by importing the generated module.

-- the imports are named after the original file names of the SVGs
-- burger-menu.svg will result in an burgerMenu function
import Icons (burgerMenu, someOtherIcon)

view model =
  div []
    [ burgerMenu []
    , someOtherIcon []

Dealing with the generated file

It is recommended to add the path to the generated Elm module to your .gitignore. Maybe this can be avoided in the future as my knowledge of the parcel plugin system grows, but for know just ignore the file.

How it works

When the Elm module is processed by parcel this plugin uses its config to find all the svg files and generates one Elm module per item in the config array.


This plugin uses the awesome svg2elm package under the hood.

Also lot’s of inspiration for this plugin came from this repo, which did the same as a parcel v1 plugin.


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