RNJesus – Version 1.0 created by Scyren-Production

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WARNING: THIS BOT WILL DESTROY OR REPLACE BLOCKS AT HIS OWN WILL! DO NOT RUN THIS BOT ON ANY MAP YOU DON’T WANT TO BE DESTROYED! (Advise: Create a new Map for this Challenge or create a Backup for your existing Worlds!)

RNJesus currently only works on Minecraft-Java-Edition!

After that, start the Program by just executing the “RNJesus.exe” file in the RNJesus-App folder.

PLEASE READ: I know this is much to read. But please make sure, to at least skim through the text, for it will help you if you encounter any problems.

What you need to know before you start:

First of all, give yourself a goal, for example:
	- Defeat anykind of Boss
	- Survive X amount of Days (very unlikely)
	- Get all the Minecraft-achievements

...or whatever else you can think of. After that follow these Instructions:

1. RNJesus can only run on LAN-Server (Online-Mode=false)
	--> You can still play with friends online! https://shockbyte.com/billing/knowledgebase/70/Disable-Online-Mode-for-Your-Minecraft-Server-Allow-Cracked-Clients-to-Join.html
	--> The Website is a guide on How-to (NOT by me)

2. Make sure RNJesus is an OP (Operator) on the server he should join.
   (also make sure none of the Players are OP - The Spam in the Chat in unbearable, otherwise.)

3. Make sure Cheats and Commands are enabled and make sure your Server has no Spam filter
   (There will be a lot of commands so spamming is unavoidable)

4. There is a Resource-Pack in the Folder (Music-Resource-Pack)
	--> It needs to be installed on the Client-Side NOT on the Server
	--> It just changes some music files, of the music-discs
	--> The music provided is my own and therefore IN TERMS OF THIS CHALLENGE AND ONLY THIS CHALLENGE everybody is allowed to use it

5. Every Player-Input, that is left empty, will be ignored by the bot

6. The Cooldown-Setting is currently measured in seconds
	--> It is the cooldown in which the Bot CANNOT do a command
	--> I advise a MINIMUM cooldown of 60 seconds but would recommend a cooldown of 5 minutes (300 seconds)

7. If you leave Server-Adress and Server-Port empty, the bot will try to connect to 'localhost:25565'

8. As soon as you click 'Generate bot' the bot will spawn on the Server and after 15 seconds the randomness begins!

Infos regarding the Randomness:

- The bot has a total of 77 commands atm

- He will spawn 1 random command for EACH Player (with 2 seconds delay inbetween Players)

- After that he will be set on cooldown

- When the cooldown wears off, another command for each Player will be executed and so on, so forth

- Not all commands are paired with chat messages!

- Some events will do a sequence of commands after some time
  (if you think you are stuck, maybe you just have to wait a little bit)

- "Easy"-Mode disables the commands, that would - with high chance - kill the Player (not all though).

- It is recommended to NOT use any commands on your own, for it may break some command chains.
  (if you are truly stuck only use /tp command. NEVER use /kill in any circumstances. The bot uses
   invisible entities to run properly!)


- The Program doesn't start
	--> Make sure you have installed Node.js (see link above)
	--> Try to run the .exe as Administrator
	--> If it gets blocked by Antivirus or Windows-Defender, create an exception for the .exe

- The bot gets kicked or doesn't connect at all:
	--> Make sure the bot is an operator. (/op RNJesus)
	--> Make sure Cheats or commands are enabled. Without commands the bot obviously doesn't work.
	--> The Server may has a Spam filter. Make sure it is disabled.
	--> Make sure your Internet-Conncetion is stable. If you are not the one, running the Server,
	    there may be lag, which can cause RNJesus to be kicked for sending to many packages at ones.
	    (Even the smallest of lag can cause this Problem. To avoid it at all, let the Server host also run the bot)
	--> If the Server has packet-limiters, disable them if possible or use another Server
	--> Make sure the Server-Address and Server-Port are correct
	    (remember: Empty Server-Address/-Port will lead the bot to "localhost:25565")

- The bot doesn't execute commands or behaves weird:
	--> Make sure the bot is an operator. (/op RNJesus)
	--> Make sure Cheats or commands are enabled. Without commands the bot obviously doesn't work.
	--> Make sure the Player-Names are correct, they need to be your in-game names.
	    (large and lower case need to be the same as well!)
	--> Make sure the Cooldown is entered correctly!
	    (the cooldown Time needs to be written in seconds! [1 minute = 60 seconds])

If you encounter other problems or have questions contact me via github https://github.com/Scyren

Nether-Only: (Currently in Beta)

The Nether-Only Challenge is an expansion to RNJesus.It contains 27 unique commands at the moment. 
By selecting the Checkbox you'll start a  Nether-Only-Run, which means you get teleported into the 
Nether at the start of the challenge and won't be able to leave, as long as the Bot is active.
This challenge is completable in every way, since an End-Portal will be created by the bot. 
The Coordinates will be send to you every time you start the bot.

Since this is the Nether, expect an even more difficult challenge. "Easy"-Mode works with this one
as well. But the word "easy" is in terms of this challenge relative. 


This bot is meant to be a challenge, which means he is programmed to do more "bad" stuff to the Player than 
"good" stuff and lots of the bad stuff is pretty punishing. Which also means, that this challenge might come 
to a point, where it gets frustrating, because if luck is not on your side, you will be having a bad time. 

This is a warning for all those people who don't like rage-like games.

On the other hand, for all those Streamers and Content-Creators out there: It's always the finest Content, to
see you losing your minds :D

Songs Provided:

Music-Disc: 13
Song-Name: Torn
Artist: Scyren
Album: Torn

Music-Disc: chirp
Song-Name: Steam
Artist: Scyren
Album: Unlimited

Music-Disc: mellohi
Song-Name: Rewind
Artist: Scyren
Album: Time

Music-Disc: otherside
Song-Name: Through the Galaxy
Artist: Scyren
Album: A Minor World

Music-Disc: ward
Song-Name: In the Thunder
Artist: Scyren
Album: Joyful Demise

If you like my music, you can find in on Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify… …and much more @Scyren or @ScyrenProduction

The music provided is my own and therefore IN TERMS OF THIS CHALLENGE AND ONLY THIS CHALLENGE everybody is allowed to use it


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