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A program to communicate with Lolley browser using JavaScript


Lolley is only available in Windows

Installation and running

First, clone the repository and extract after that run test.js to run the program.

Using client.sendCommand()

client.sendCommand() has 3 basic commands those are;


Example usage: client.sendCommand("getHTML")

This method sends a getHTML message to the browser. The browser responds with the current page’s HTML code. When browser tries to send HTML code to the NodeJS side this will trigger the client.messageListener.on("message") event. Example of this method can be found in test.js file.


Example usage: client.sendCommand("execJS", 'alert("Hello World!")')

This method sends a execJS message to the browser. The browser will execute the JavaScript code that you provide.


Example usage: client.sendCommand("changeLocation", '')

This method sends a changeLocation message to the browser. The browser will navigate to the URL that you provide.

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