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Welcome to EnScript!

This is a Easy-to-use Node.js superset (hence the name, “EnScript”) that I made so I can test my Node skils. You can use normal Node with it aswell.


  1. Download the runCode.js
  2. Make a script.en file that looks something like this:
    log 'Hello World!';

3. Go to the path of both files and run this code in the terminal

node [name-of-RunCode-File] [name-Of-En-File]

The 2 rules of EnScript

To make sure there are no errors in your EnScript project, follow these 2 rules.

  1. Always have ; at the end of a line. This makes interpreting lines easier (somehow 😅).
  2. (because of a bug) No empty lines.

Syntax / Examples

Here is an example of console logging (the famous “Hello World!” one)

log 'Hello World!';

as you can see, instead of console.log(), it got reduced to just log . This makes things simple, and easy to use.

Also, notice how we added the ; symbol into there too. Keep that in mind while I keep showing examples.

Here is another example, with functions.

function test() {;
log 'Wowie!';

Now, see how there is a lot of the character ;? It helps the interpreter know it’s the end of a line, AND helps in another way too. (I may go into depth soon)

Let’s do one more example. A Discord bot!

// this code has not been tested by us, but it should work!
var Discord = require('discord.js');
var client = new Discord.Client();
client.on('ready', () => {;
  log `Ready as ${client.user.username}`;
client.on('message', (message) => {;
  if (message.content == "ping") {;

This code seems a little different than Node.js, but it really isn’t that different.

More of the README is being worked on and is coming soon!


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