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The 2022 Place Atlas

The /r/place Atlas is a project aiming to catalog all the artworks created during Reddit’s 2022 /r/place event. This project was created by Roland Rytz and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

You can check out the website by clicking here.

If you don’t know GitHub and wanted to submit new entries or request changes to existing ones, please visit /r/placeAtlas2.

How To Contribute

Map Contributions


To contribute to the map, we require a certain format for artwork region and labels. This can be generated on the contributing page on the website.

Reddit Submission

  1. Follow the instructions on the contributing page, then click “Post Direct to Reddit”.
  2. Flair your post with the “New Entry” tag.
  3. A moderator will accept your contribution shortly.

Map Edits

  1. Create a fork of our repo.
  2. Enter your data into the web/atlas.json file, with the correct format and ID number.
  3. Create a Pull Request against the cleanup branch.

Cleaning Contributions

If you spot a duplicate, please PR against the cleanup branch. To help find duplicates, append ?mode=overlap to the url: https://place-atlas.stefanocoding.me?mode=overlap.


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