ts-ex a lightweight package bring-in npm or yarn & pnpm packager📦

it is a reactjs v18 vite template and express typescript backend template with clean code and file structure generator.

  • Vite use HMR it’s super fast than usual when create create react app.
  • try it you’ll like it🤪


  • package will intall via yarn only.
  • ts-ex is a bring-in package not a build-in package.
  • ts-ex also support typegoose with typescript.

Templates exist

  • react vite app v18
  • express typescript basic

Why tsdx?

Behind the scenes, why did I Ramit create tsdx? beacause of 2 reasons:

  1. Whenever I want to create a new start-up project specially with typescript I have to build it and config it from scratch it sounds like so westing time right? of course it is. But why I am not googling to find the solution? answer: I do find and use it😊 But Uhh not what I was looking for like they bring in like heavy heavy package that is not necessary at all. so I made this ts-ex lightweight package bring-in and necessary only.
  2. I want to easily install and fast with just 2 clicks I got a new clean project to work with also dealing with stress too when I dont’t see the unnecessary package that I’m not event use.


1. npm i -g @ramit_klit/ts-ex.
2. use command ts-ex when you want to create a new project.


if you don’t like tsxd do this:

npm un -g ts-ex

this command will directly uninstall ts-ex from your local machine yeah:( if there is no any alert thank you for trying ts-ex: and I will you can come back and read this Thanks you for trying ts-ex bye bye😥

Why named ts-ex?

Haha wired name but don’t be confused I means typescript express shhh🤭


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