React Search Autocomplete

A <ReactSearchAutocomplete/> is fully customizable and feature rich search component.



npm i @hemantnigam/react-search-autocomplete

How to use

Step 1: Install @hemantnigam/react-search-autocomplete using npm i @hemantnigam/react-search-autocomplete
Step 2: import dependency in the component using

import { ReactSearchAutocomplete } from "@hemantnigam/react-search-autocomplete";

Step 3: Add it into the JSX using

<ReactSearchAutocomplete options=options />

Available options

  "data": {
  "placeholder": "string" //default is Select
  "debounceDelay": "number" //delay after input
  "searchCount": 'number' //default is 5
  "schema": { //model of actual data
    "id": "string", //id label of data object
    "text": "string" //search text label of data object
  "content": "array" //contains the data like [{}{}{}...]
  "searchCriteria": "startsWith" | "includes"
Note: Please feel free to contribute in the project. Thanks


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