A Rental Apartment API allows only authorized users can make some changes. User receive a Token at the header, with the Token the user receive an aaccess to create ad, find ad, update or delete ad.

Technologies Used

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Postman, Helmet, Bcrypt, Validator, Json Web Token, HEROKU

ENV Variables

  • SALT

Instructions on Installing & Running Locally

Clone the project. Open with VS Code and you have to install all dependencies.

  • npm init -y
  • npm i bcrypt
  • npm i dotenv
  • npm i express
  • npm i helmet
  • npm i jsonwebtoken
  • npm i mongoose
  • npm i morgan
  • npm i express-validator

Use the comand “nodemon server.js” for running the app.

Endpoints, Parameters, Schema

Ads CRUD (./ads):

  • Create Ad
  • Read Ads
  • Read Ad by id
  • Update Ad
  • Delete Ad

Users CRUD (./users):

  • Create User
  • Read Users
  • Update User
  • Delete User

Auth (./auth):

  • Log in

Used ‘Log in’ function to verify user is logged to access to post, update, read or delete ads.

User Schema

  • username: string, required
  • email: string, required
  • birthday: date, required
  • age: number
  • password: string, required

Ads Schema

  • created_by: string, required
  • created_at: date, required
  • ad_title: string, required
  • ad_content: string, required

authMiddleware: it takes token from the header and it is used to protect the ads router.

HEROKU is used for deployment this project


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