Lightshow anew!

A website to preview how a TextMate grammar will apply syntax highlighting to associated files on GitHub.

A replacement for the now-defunct GitHub Lightshow.

URL API{text|url}&grammar=<content|url>&sample-type={text|url}&sample=<content|url>

  • grammar-type={text|url}: Whether to treat the grammar content as raw YAML or a URL to a YAML file.
  • grammar=<content|url>: The grammar content to use, either as text or a URL to fetch from, as determined by grammar-type. Must be a YAML grammar.
  • sample-type={text|url}: Whether to treat the sample content as text or a URL to fetch from.
  • sample=<content|url>: The sample content to highlight, either as text or a URL, as determined by sample-type.


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