This project should be a good starting point for setting up an IPFS-Node with a couple of necessary components (e.g. secure websockets, WebRTC, Nginx, LetsEncrypt, Pinning Service etc.)

  1. We need an IPFS Node which is accessible by secure websockets (wss) if possible on a public reachable host. For that reason I updated, adapted and improved the howtos of:
  1. A WebRTC-Star gateway should be also installed so browsers can use it as signaling server. WebRTC usually also needs a STUN and TURN servers. https://hub.docker.com/r/libp2p/websocket-star-rendezvous

  2. When publishing our IFPS-Documents they are still centralized. When ever we publish anything we should inform a pinning service (e.g. https://pinata.cloud, https://estuary.tech , https://web3.storage) or you are going to create your own https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/rb-pinning-service-api (untested)


  1. Find a linux hoster install docker and docker-compose
  2. Git clone this repo
  3. Run cd ipfs/willschenk/ and run docker-compose up -d here nginx will exit first time
  4. Edit and run ./init-letsencrypt.sh line 8,11,12 in order to install letsencrypt certificates
  5. Edit line 6 (SERVER_NAME) in docker-compose.yml Run docker-compose up -d in order to run all components
  6. Check if nginx, certbot and ipfs node are running docker-compose ps check logs for possible errors docker-compose logs
  7. Check to see if you have IPFS peers curl -X POST|jq
  8. and via command line docker-compose exec ipfs ipfs swarm peers
  9. Check the IPFS-Gatewayy curl https://ipfs.le-space.de/ipfs/QmPChd2hVbrJ6bfo3WBcTW4iZnpHm8TEzWkLHmLpXhF68A
  10. Check the API isn’t exposed to the internet from your machine curl http://ipfs.le-space.de:5001/api/v0/swarm/peers|jq
  11. Checking WebSockets: Visit https://www.websocket.org/echo.html and put in the address of your server to make sure that you can connect over websockets. In my case, it’s wss://ipfs.le-space.de:4003


  1. Test react-example
  2. Install and Test webrtc-star
  3. Install turn and stun server with webrtc-star
  4. Install/Implement pinning server



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