-A review site to allow businesses to rate the customer

Goals for this project

-As a service-industry business, i want to be able to rate my clients, so that i can better the guest experience -To better rate our customers for the purposes of preparing for both the good and the bad.

User Story

-As a user i want to go to a landing page that shows reviews as they are submitted, not including any specifics just a review -As a user i am then directed to a login page where i am prompted to build a profile and verify that i am a representative of a legitimate business. Also, there is a terms of service requirement that must be agreed to. -After login requirements are satisfied i am directed to my profile page where i can search customers based on either email, phone number or name. If no search results are returned user is directed to create a new review.



Possible future development integrations

-To integrate social media profiles for the customer that is being reviewed, also a web scraping tool that integrates with the businesses social media to notify when there has been posts that referrences them.
-Different levels of subscriptions to include extra features for premium users.
-The ability to upload photos to better record some of the nonsense that service-industry professionals deal with on a daily basis.


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