Solana airdrop by KellianDev

This script was created to airdrop a list of solana accounts with a specified amount of solana.

How to use

1. Install and build

The simplest way to use it is to clone the repository and to run:

npm install
npm run build

2. Configure

You can then modify the configuration in the .env file: SECRET_KEY: This is the secret key of the account that will run the airdrop RPC_URL: This is the RPC connection that will be used to run transactions ACCOUNT_LIST_PATH: This is the path to the list of account that you are airdropping (.json) AMOUNT: This is the amount (in ◎) each account will be airdropped.

3. Airdrop

After configuring your airdrop session, just run:

npm run airdrop

4. More

When transactions fail or script is stopped in the middle of an airdrop session, the remaining addresses are saved in the cache.json file. That means you can rerun the script and it will detect that the airdrop is not complete and resume the previous session.

Support me

Hope you will have a great time airdropping! If you’re willing to support me, here’s my addy! KELLMni8U7HoUK6pKqCcKDJDxDsUuhEMqdUcgyLFHRk


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