Easy to run script to talk in discord servers with AI or spam or whatever u like

  1. edit the sample.env file
  2. change the name to .env
  3. run npm i
  4. node script.js
  5. and your good to go!

To get an Openai key: https://beta.openai.com/signup


  1. Autojoins giveaways of all your servers while farming
  2. Normal mode (uses ai)
  3. Spam mode doesnt use AI
  4. Delete mode deletes messages at the next message
  5. InstantDelete Deletes messages instantly
  6. Webhook is to get updates (start/stop/giveaway win)
  7. customPrompt will be passed on to the AI you can use it to improve or give your AI a personality
  8. Uses OpenAI GBT3


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