Discord SelfBot Spam Pub

❗ I don’t take any responsibility for blocked Discord accounts that used this module. ❗

Using this on a user account is prohibited by the Discord TOS and can lead to the account block.

📋 Content

📰 About

Here is a simple SelfBot that allows you to spam your announcements in several Discord channels ! The SelfBot will send your publicity, waits for the slowmode ends and sends it again ! Also, we’ve tried to make it acts as a human as possible !
What you have to do is only to follow the Instructions and simply run it !

📜 Instructions

🔑 Requirements:

🔨 Installation

  • Open a cmd.
  • Enter this command line: git clone https://github.com/RenardNocturne/Discord-SelfBot-Spam-Pub.git.
  • A new folder named Discord-SelfBot-Spam-Pub has appeared !
  • Enter this command line into your cmd: cd <path to the new folder>.
  • Run npm install in your cmd.
  • Run node init.js in your cmd. Please, answer the questions. Then, it will create a config.json file, you can still manually modify it with your values.
  • Enter this last command line into your cmd: node index.js.

🎉 Enjoy !

Now, you should see something like that in your cmd:
Result Image

If you don’t, please open an issue !
If you want to send your ad faster please change the values in the pickRandomNumberBetweenTwoNumbers function !
If you’ve noticed a mistake in my English please let me know because, yes, I’m French 👋 !
Finally, if you liked this project, please let a star 😋 !


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