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Get started

  1. Create a .env file and fill it with your data. Refer to .env.example for more info.
  2. Make sure you using Node v14 — A bug in Puppeteer on Node 16 prevents this script from working. If you use nvm, You can run nvm use to switch to the correct version.
  3. npm run pdf
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Example Next-page Selectors

Make sure all your pages contain a ‘next’ link. Tools like Docusaurus and GitBook do this by default, but you’ll have to do that manually for Notion.

  • Docusaurus NEXT_PAGE_SELECTOR=".pagination-nav__link.pagination-nav__link--next"
  • Notion (provided that you’ve added a ‘next’ link to each page) NEXT_PAGE_SELECTOR='.notion-page-content div a:last-of-type[href^="/"]:not([href*="#"])'
  • GitBook (causes a timeout for some reason, so broken for now) NEXT_PAGE_SELECTOR='[data-testid="page.desktopTableOfContents"] + div a:last-child[href^="/"]'


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