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jqp is a free serverless proxy that lets you request data from remote sources, filter it using node-jq, and receive the filtered response.

How to use

Query param Description Required
url a URL-encoded URL (🤯) for a publicly accessible JSON endpoint or CSV file ✔️
jq a URL-encoded filter expression supported by node-jq
debug true returns a nested response object that includes the values of the passed params above

jqp will first assume that the response body is JSON. If parsing fails, it will assume that the response body is CSV and attempt to parse it into JSON.

Note: Each row of CSV data will be parsed into an object of values keyed by field name.

Note: To fetch multiple files, the url parameter can be used more than once. The responses are made available to node-jq as an array, and can be referenced in the same order as their respective url parameters, e.g. .[0], .[1], etc.


Transform JSON response

Query param Unencoded value
url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fanzeyi/pokemon.json/master/pokedex.json
jq [.[] | {name: .name.english, hp: .base.HP}]

API request URL: https://jqp.vercel.app/api/v0?url=https%3A%2F%2Fraw.githubusercontent.com%2Ffanzeyi%2Fpokemon.json%2Fmaster%2Fpokedex.json&jq=%5B.%5B%5D%20%7C%20%7Bname%3A%20.name.english%2C%20hp%3A%20.base.HP%7D%5D

Convert CSV response to JSON

Query param Unencoded value
url https://gist.githubusercontent.com/armgilles/194bcff35001e7eb53a2a8b441e8b2c6/raw/92200bc0a673d5ce2110aaad4544ed6c4010f687/pokemon.csv

API request URL: https://jqp.vercel.app/api/v0?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgist.githubusercontent.com%2Farmgilles%2F194bcff35001e7eb53a2a8b441e8b2c6%2Fraw%2F92200bc0a673d5ce2110aaad4544ed6c4010f687%2Fpokemon.csv


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