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What Is Aterbot?

Aterbot is A Simple And Easy To Use NPM Package That Could Make A Minecraft Bot In Few Minutes.

How Can We Use Aterbot

We Can Use Aterbot To Make Aternos Server 24/7, This Bot Is Antiban Your Account Wont Be Banned.

Lets Get Started

To Use Aterbot, Create A New NodeJS Project And In Index.js Paste The Following Code

import { aterbot }  from "aterbot";aterbot()

After that create a new file called config.json Then Paste The Following Code In config.json file

    {    "ip": "Your Server IP",    "comment": "Enter Your Server IP Without Port",    "port": "Your Server Port",    "comment": "Enter Your Server Port Without : OR IP",    "name": "Your Bot Name",    "comment": "The Bot Will Join With This Name",    "webserverport": "8080",    "comment": "The Web Server Will Run in this port",    "auto-reconnect": "true",    "comment": "If True Then Bot Will Skip Night",    "login-enabled": "false",    "comment": "If True Then Bot Will Login/Register",    "register-cmd": "/register {password} {password}",    "login-cmd": "/login {password}"   }

Now give a cmd of npm install aterbotAfter That give a cmd of node index.js

Now You bot is Running and joined the server.

If You have issue with this installation part join Discord for support

How Uptime my Aterbot 24/7

You can use this service

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