Basic Discord AntiRaid Protection

A protection system against “RAID”, a very widespread threat on Discord.

-🌍 Main Language : English -🕓 Uploaded since : 5 May 2022 -🤖 Required packages : node.js, npm, discord.js, fs, quick.db

⚠️ READ THIS : It works only for Discord Bots, this is a system that, when turned “on”, Prevents a user from creating a new channel, deleting a channel, editing a channel, creating a role, deleting a role, editing a role or even sending a link such as or and which prevents webhook creation from every users that are not whitelisted of the bot by deleting all his roles so he can’t do it again without your permission. ⚠️

How to use it ❓

It’s really that easy, first you go to config.json


If there is no problem, you'll see this, then you replace "TOKEN" by your bot token that you generated, "DEFAULT_COLOR" by the color you want (example: #ffffff => white) and "DEFAULT_PREFIX" the prefix you want, don't forget those details :

  • The token is required for your bot in order to make him log in and works
  • The color is required for embed
  • The prefix is required for your bot in order to make him work

Then if everything is ok, you can run packages.bat to install all the required packages if you haven’t installed them yet and then you can start the bot by using start.bat

READ THIS : The only condition to use my code is to star the repository and add my credits in your code (at least in the footer of the embed)

Made with ❤️ by Zitiix


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