A Todo-app, that allows you to create and manage your tasks. The front-end is implemented using React, the back-end is made with Node.js


Make sure to follow all these steps below. Do not miss any steps or you won’t be able to run this application.

Install MongoDB

To run this project, you need to install the latest version of MongoDB Community Edition first.

Once you install MongoDB, make sure it’s running.

Clone this repository

Use the following command:

$ git clone

Install the Dependencies

Make sure you already have nodejs & npm installed in your system.

From the project folder, install the dependencies:

npm i  

Start the app

To start the react-app, from the project folder run:

npm start

Back-end setup

Install latest version of node on your machine.

Go to the backend-todo folder and install all the dependencies:

npm i

Start the Server

Run the following command from the backend-todo folder:

node index.js

This will launch the Node server on port 3900


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