Simple Google Sign-in MVC app with Node.JS and MongoDB as Database

This app shows you how to use Passport with Express to sign users in by sign-in service provided by Google.

You can Use this Application as a default starting for your own backend applications for web or mobile apps.

Quick Start

To run this app, clone the repository and install dependencies:

git clone
cd google-oauth20-simple-app
npm install

This app requires OAuth 20 credentials from Google, which can be obtained by setting up a project in Google API console. The redirect URI of the OAuth client should be set to 'http://localhost:3000/auth/google/callback.

Once credentials have been obtained, create a .env file and add the following environment variables:



Then Start the server.

npm run watch

Navigate to http://localhost:3000.


This example illustrates how to use Passport and the passport-google-oauth20 strategy within an Express application to sign users in with Google via OAuth 2.0.

After users sign in, a login session is established and maintained between the server and the browser with a cookie. As authenticated users interact with the app, the login state is restored by authenticating the session. Also you may want to edit Session maxAge from app.js which now set to 1 Minute for Testing Purposes

MVC Pattern

All the codes broken into serveral little parts so the application can easily scale up and add any other sing-in methods Routes :

/auth for generic user purposes
/auth/google for google sign-in purposes

/auth/facebook can be next step to implement


Created by Mahdyar Mojtahed


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