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Storiette is a simple open source project used to read a collection of short stories in Indonesian. This storiette is suitable for use by small children who like to read short stories. Built using Framework7. 💖

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💾 Requirements

  • Node.js – used for the entire application development process. Whether it’s making an API or something
  • Web Browser – can be used as an emulator to build applications. Example [Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera]
  • Internet – because many use CDN and to make it easier to find solutions to all problems
  • Composer – make it easier for developers to manage PHP project dependencies
  • Android SDK – to simplify the process of building applications
  • Gradle – function to perform application building automatically
  • Java Development Kit – used for support in developing or building an application

🎯 How To Use

Using the built-in ready to use from the release (Recommended)

Download the latest project release from the Release Page. Open the Storiette project folder using a terminal and type npm run dev. To explore the source code you can use a text editor such as Visual Studio Code.

Build manually

  • Before starting, make sure you have Node.js installed first
  • If you have installed Node.js. Run the command git clone which is https://github.com/RizkiKarianata/storiette
  • Install the dependencies using the node package manager of your choice. For example run npm install in terminal
  • To run the application you can run the command npm run dev. And the application will automatically open using port 8080 on your default browser

Build to APK

  • You can run commands like in the NPM Scripts below by adding npm run. Example npm run build-dev-cordova-android on terminal

🛠 NPM Scripts

  • 🔥 start – run development server
  • 🔧 dev – run development server
  • 🔧 build-dev – build web app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 🔧 build-prod – build web app for production
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova – build cordova app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova – build cordova app
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova-ios – build cordova iOS app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova-ios – build cordova iOS app
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova-android – build cordova Android app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova-android – build cordova Android app

📋 Documentation & Resources

🧑 Author

🤝 Contributing

Please follow Contributing Guide before contributing.

📝 License

  • Copyright © 2022 Rizki Karianata
  • Storiette is an open source project licensed under the MIT license

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