You Me and Docker 🐳

A simple basic introduction to Docker in node.js w express.js and redis


Creating a Node Image

In the project directory create a file name Dockerfile. This file will contain independent image layers.

  FROM node:15
  WORKDIR /app  
  COPY package.json .
  RUN npm install
  COPY . ./
  EXPOSE 5000
  CMD [ "node", "index.js"]

Here every step is called image layer, in this image we have 5 layers.

  FROM node:15

  => Here node is the image and :15 is the version

  WORKDIR /app 

  => Setting up the working directory => /app
  => /app exists in Node container
  => Hold all the application code
  => Run commads from this directory

  COPY package.json .

  => Copy package.json to the image 
  => the . reletively refering to the /app directory 

  RUN npm install

  => Installing dependencies from package.json

  COPY . ./

  => Coping source codes and files to the image
  => The first . refers everyfile of our app
  => And the 2nd part ./ refers, everything will be copied to /app directory

Port and initial command

  EXPOSE 5000

  => Refering our app will run on port 5000

  CMD [ "node", "index.js"]

  => The initial command that will run our container
  => Here, node index.js runs our app

Building the Docker Container

  docker build -t <Image Name> .

At the first build, It will run all the layers independently and install required dependencies but from the next build docker will use the cashed result of the layers, if the layers are unchanged. This provides better optimization.

At the first build

Ruuning all the 5 layers

App Screenshot

At the second build

Using cashed results of the 5 layers

App Screenshot

List of all images

    docker image ls

Deleting an Image

    docker image rm <IMAGE ID>

Running an Image

    docker run -p 4000:5000 -d --name <Container Name> <IMAGE Name>

    => -d for detouching our container from the CLI 
    => --name <Container Name> for giving this container a name
    => <IMAGE Name> is the name of the image, we want to run
    => -p 4000:5000, the 5000 refering that our app is running on port 
        5000 and the 4000 (Can be any valid port number) means, if any 
        request comes to the port 4000, the request will be forwarded to
        the Docker container

App Screenshot

List of running containers

    docker ps

Deleting a container

    docker rm <Container Name> -f


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