IPG’s discordRPC client

A simple but effective Discord RPC client for customizing your discord status even more.


  • Premade status files for games and other applications
  • Automaticly open application when starting a status
  • complete customization
  • No Watermark on your discord status

How it works

Premade Status:

  1. Just go onto https://rpc.ipgg.net and download whichever status file youd like.
  2. Paste the downloaded file into the RPC directory which you can open by clicking the Open Directory button inside the client

Creating your own status:

  1. Download the discord RPC client and click the open directory button. Dublicate the example.json file.
  2. Go onto https://discord.com/developers and create an Application named whatevery you want to be displayed on your status.
  3. Upload an image which should be the icon for the status in the Rich Presence section of you application.
  4. Copy the Client ID of you app and paste it into the dublicate example.json file.
  5. Custimize or remove the rest and you are good to go.


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