A simple crud Web app built with Vue 3 and Laravel 8 to complete the BingHR Assesment.

I used Vue instead of the required jQuery because its the data driven approve to reactivity like other mordern Javascript Frameworks.

The main entity is Users

The web app allows you:

  • Add Users
  • Update Users
  • and Delete Users
  • Users have roles which are a Job titles
  • Users also have Permissions, which in turn has actions (rights)


  1. Clone Project by running git clone [email protected]:seewhy17/BingHR.git or git clone
  2. Change into the directory cd BingHR
  3. run composer install
  4. create an .env file in the root directory and copy the contents of .env.example into it, alternatively run cp .env.example .env from your CLI
  5. change all DB_~ configurations in the newly created .env file to the required values for your machine
  6. Create a database with the value of DB_DATABASE environment variable(.env) as its name.
  7. run php artisan migrate:fresh --seed in you CLI to seed the database with sample users, roles and permissions
  8. (Optional) Use BingHR directory as the DocumentRoot of the virtual host(http://binghr.test)
  9. run npm install to intall all javascript dependencies.
  10. run php artisan key:generate to generate an encryption key for the application
  11. run npm run dev to compile all assets.
  12. run php artisan serve to start the application.

Final Notes

  • The hamburger(menu) icon in the bottom-left expands or collapses the menu
  • The permission rights at the bottom each modal are submitted as soon as the check boxes are checked or unchecked, the submit button submits the form above it.
  • The permissions and association rights are also global(permission rights are shared across all users).


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