DiscordJS V14 Bot Template:

A simple discord bot project that is running with NodeJS and the package discord.js version 14. Prefix commands are only available for now.

Before getting started…

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YouTube channel is linked here. Subscribing is not required, only required is to enjoy your day/night 🙂

Requirements to run this project:

  • Discord.js v14 package.

  • NodeJS version 16.9 or above.


  • 1- Create a new application at and make the application a Bot. Make sure to enable the three Gateaway intents!
  • 2- Reset your bot token and copy the new token.
  • 3- Now we go for two categories:
    • If you are using Replit, use secret environments. The key is TOKEN and the value is gonna be your bot token. Then click on Add new secret.
    • If you are a VSCode user, use config.json file in the folder config.
  • 4– After doing the steps above, go to shell and type node . or node index.js.
  • 5– Ready! Your bot should be online now.

Why do I need MongoDB?

MongoDB is NOT required, you can add it in anytime you want. By the way, Mongo is the best Database, better than Quick.DB.

So, what is the changes in Discord.js v14?

Well, there are many changes. Click here to understand the changes in v14.The changes below are only for this project:

  • MessageEmbed constructor has been changed to EmbedBuilder.
  • Permissions like SEND_MESSAGES has been changed to SendMessages, ADMINISTRATOR to Administrator… etc.
  • Methods to get a user’s permissions has been changed.
  • Embed colors codes has been changed. From RED from an example, it should be Red.
  • Many many changes…

Something doesn’t work well here.

Sometimes I (me, T.F.A) could do mistakes that I didn’t notice them. If there is an actual error, DM me on Discord: T.F.A#7524

Credits are required?

Well, if you are forking this project and then sharing it again is UNACCEPTABLE. But, giving credits in commands such as ?help, ?commands… etc is NOT required and you can give credits in any commands if you want, only REQUIRED in README.md.


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