A simple discord bot which provides a player’s league of legends information and other basic user’s discord information. Created using the discord.js library and Riot’s API.

Commands currently implemented

  1. info user: Gets the information about a user’s discord account
  2. info server: Gets information about the current server which the bot is in
  3. champion-info: Gets information about a League of Legends champion
  4. summoner-champion-mastery: Gets information about a player’s most played champions in League of Legends
  5. summoner-recent-match: Gives a detailed breakdown about a player’s last match, this cannot be a custom game otherwise an error message is displayed
  6. summoner-ranked-info: Gets information about a player’s performance for the current ranked season

Getting started with the bot

Firstly, to use the bot clone this repo and edit the values in the config.json file to change the values to your API keys. The .gitignore file includes config.json and it should be kept in there if you decide to upload your repo to github or other public site. I recommned following the guide provided by discord.js at, https://discordjs.guide/preparations/setting-up-a-bot-application.html to get started with the bot.

The bot currently uses data from patch 12.7.1 to get all the champion information. In the future you might need to update the champion folder and the champion.json file depending on the latest version released by Riot. You can check the lastet version at, https://developer.riotgames.com/docs/lol and download the required data.

Riot API Key

If you decide to add to the bot and use a development API Key, then you will need to change the value of riotToken to a new key every 24 hours in the config.json file.


If you would like to ask any questions about the bot you can reach out to me on discord: Xezc#6831


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