Lilly The Frog

A simple Discord.JS bot, made by Sacul for Sunflower Land.

How does it works ?

The bot analyzes each message sent in channel defined, if a message contains words he knows, he will give the appropriate answer

For exemple, if you say “Please help I’ve a Someting went wrong error” the bot will analyze the message and will find the following words

Someting, Went, Wrong. Then he will automatically reply to the message with a guide to try to solve the problem.

Available Q&A: • Something went wrong • Clock not in sync • Too many requests • Grey/Black and white farm • Blacklisted farm • Web3 Error • Hacked/Stolen wallet • Supply reached • Withdraw lost

How to install

Go to config/config.json and enter your bot token and the id of the specific channel(s).

Then, open a command prompt and type:

  1. npm install
  2. node main.js


Someting went wrong ? Mention @Sacul#0001 on Discord

It ain’t that much, but it’s honest work

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