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MODMAIL BOT V2.0 with DJS V13.

Bot Setup:

REPLIT: Go to secrets, set in the key case TOKEN and in value case your bot token. (To protect your bot token from attackers) VISUAL STUDIO CODE: Go to config.json and set your bot token in the variable called TOKEN.

Server Setup:

Set your server id in config.json, you can also set a category channel in config.json, but not required, because the system when detects the CATEROGY_ID is undefined or 0, then the bot will automatically create a category called “Mod Mail” if you restarted your bot.

If you have created your own category, set the category id in config.json, and delete the created cathegory by the bot (called “Mod Mail”) so the bot won’t send the mails throught the created cathegory, only in yours.


Is quick.db version 7 like the version 9?

No, quick.db v7 is not like v9. The version 9 is better than v7 because there are new methods: .deleteAll() and .pull(). Documentation is linked here.

Fun fact: I created this bot under 30 mins :big_brain:


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