Twitter GPT-3 Extension

A simple extension to generate GPT-3 tweet replies inside



You will need an OpenAI Beta account:

  1. Unzip this extension somewhere (and don’t remove it)
  2. Open src/inject/inject.js
  3. Modify the second line to add your own GPT-3 Key, found here:


  1. Open chrome://extensions/
  2. Enable Developer Mode (toggle in upper right corner of screen)
  3. Click “Load Unpacked” (top-left corner)
  4. Select your extension directory


  1. Navigate to (about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox)[about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox] in your browser.
  2. Click Load Temporary Addon & then select the manifest.json in the folder you just created

That’s it!

Remember, Updates don’t occur automatically when you manually install the extension from source. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Using the extension

  1. Navigate to, and reply to a Tweet in a modal window.
  2. You will see emojis corresponding to various “moods” for your replies. Click one to generate a Tweet.
  3. Repeat until you find a reply you like.


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