Gender Identification API

Developed by MPOP Reverse II and Callback Developers


I was try to register to a gender API, and I still didn’t get an email from them, a reason why I do some research on how do people recognized their names, and one of this is thru their first name. I would like to thank those people who helped me a lot, specially for this project.

How to use

I’ve used NodeJs, with Axios to execute this, I still don’t know how to use to other language. Just use name as key to get the gender value, if ever you use the api to other languages.

const axios = require("axios");

const gender = async (name) => {
	let res = await axios.get("" + name).then((response) => {
	}).catch((error) => {
		console.error("Error [Api]: " + error);
		return null;
	return res;

module.exports = (data) => {
	let result = gender(data);

This is the simple way to get the gender from our data. If you’re interested to add yours from the gender’s list, just let me know, and I will give you a permission.


All data are all returned as JSON type format.

	"name": "data",
	"gender": -1

Sample actual result

	"name": "Ryann Kim Sesgundo",
	"gender": 1

The name returns as what name you inserted, while the gender is the integer value. I use different integer like using binary and negatives, here are the integer value, and its meaning.

Gender Value
0 Female
1 Male
-1 Unisex


  • Callback Developers
  • Mart Anthony Salazar
  • Jenevem Abayom
  • Elyza CadeƱo
  • Betty S Bayot
  • Salvador
  • Vercel
  • Nkilm


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