a simple JavaScript library that allows the creation of reusable HTML components


1 link to the script add as src attribute in a script tag (this should be done in the head before other script tags)

2 create the component create the html component you want to reuse e.g nav bar then copy it and initialize it to a variable using the template literal “ e.g navBar = <h1> HELLO</h1>

3 call the reuse function

call the reuse function and pass in these two arguments; the componentName(which must start with a small letter and contain an hyphen) and the component(the variable you initialized earlier)

e.g reuse(‘nav-bar’, navBar)

4 import into html

add the script to the head of the html(below the reuseable.js tag) then add the custom component where you wish. e.g

good luck

made by ayomikun faluyi

github[ dcoder-x] (


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