Our Music Bot

A Highly Powerful Music Bot Without Lavalink Which Is Gonna Have Setup, A Specific Text Channel For Bot Command Feature, And DJ System Soon

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🦾 Features

  • No Need Of Lavalink In SynthMusic
  • 🎶 Available Music Sources

- ✅ YouTube (Live Stram Supported)
- ✅ SoundCloud
- ✅ http (you can use radio for it)
- ✅ Spotify

🖼️ Screenshots

Installation Guide 🔥

💻 Hosting Requirements

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  • NodeJS Version 16.6 Or Higher
  • Discord.JS I Recommend You To Use The Latest Discord.JS Version

🤖 Bot Requirements

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  • A Token Ofcourse You Will Have That, As You Are Here, If You Don’t Get It From Discord Developer Portal
  • Mongo URI(Universal Resource Identifier) Get The Free Database, And Get Started

Importing The Files

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  • Use git clone https://github.com/Rtxeon/SynthMusic.git In The Shell
  • Or Do It Manually By Downloading

Setting The Configuration

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  • Filling The Config.js

  module.exports = {
    Bot: {
      Token: process.env.Token || ".",
      Prefix: process.env.Prefix || "",

    OwnerId: ["", ""],
    Mongo_URL: process.env.Mongo_URL || "",
    SlashSupport: true, //If You Want Slash CMD In Your Bot Set This To True Else False
    SlashAsGlobal: true //If You Want To Deploy Slash CMD As Global Set This To True And If You Want To Deploy It On Each Server Set It False (To Make This Option Work You Need To True Slash Support)

Installing The Packages

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  • Use npm i Or npm install In The Shell

Running The Code, The Final Step

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  • Use node index.js Or npm start In The Shell

🔐 License

Distributed under the Apache 2.0 License. See LICENSE for more information.


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