Welcome to Rakoko App! 👋

Rakoko App is a simple application that is used to display images and quotes randomly. Built using Framework7. 💖

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💾 Requirements

  • Node.js – used for the entire application development process. Whether it’s making an API or something
  • Web Browser – can be used as an emulator to build applications. Example [Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera]
  • Internet – because many use CDN and to make it easier to find solutions to all problems
  • Composer – make it easier for developers to manage PHP project dependencies
  • Android SDK – to simplify the process of building applications
  • Gradle – function to perform application building automatically
  • Java Development Kit – used for support in developing or building an application

🎯 How To Use

Using the built-in ready to use from the release (Recommended)

Download the latest project release from the Release Page. Open the Rakoko App project folder using a terminal and type npm run dev. To explore the source code you can use a text editor such as Visual Studio Code.

Build manually

  • Before starting, make sure you have Node.js installed first
  • If you have installed Node.js. Run the command git clone which is https://github.com/RizkiKarianata/rakoko-app
  • Install the dependencies using the node package manager of your choice. For example run npm install in terminal
  • To run the application you can run the command npm run dev. And the application will automatically open using port 8080 on your default browser

Build to APK

  • You can run commands like in the NPM Scripts below by adding npm run. Example npm run build-dev-cordova-android on terminal

🛠 NPM Scripts

  • 🔥 start – run development server
  • 🔧 dev – run development server
  • 🔧 build-dev – build web app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 🔧 build-prod – build web app for production
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova – build cordova app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova – build cordova app
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova-ios – build cordova iOS app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova-ios – build cordova iOS app
  • 📱 build-dev-cordova-android – build cordova Android app using development mode (faster build without minification and optimization)
  • 📱 build-prod-cordova-android – build cordova Android app

📋 Documentation & Resources

📆 Release Date

  • v1.0.0 : 12 June 2022

🧑 Author

🤝 Contributing

I really appreciate contributions, issues and feature requests because this application is far from perfect. Feel free to Pull Request and make changes to this project.

Since this is an open source project I finished it myself. There may be many features or things that could be improved or added. So I really appreciate your help.

Steps To Contribute

  • Fork it ( https://github.com/RizkiKarianata/rakoko-app )
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  • Create a new Pull Request

Notes To Contribute

Make sure to not commit generated files from your dist folder. All changes need to be made in the source files located in the src folder.

  • Change the scss files to adapt styles
  • Change the nunjucks based html files or the content defining json files to adapt layout and content
  • Change the js files to adapt the application code

Always run a build and test the results before committing.

📝 License

  • Copyright © 2022 Rizki Karianata
  • Rakoko App is an open source project licensed under the MIT license

☕️ Suppport & Donation

Love Rakoko App? Support this project by donating or sharing with others in need.

Made with ❤️ Rizki Karianata


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