I designed, built, and deployed my portfolio website using JavaScript, React, GitHub, Material UI, Azure, EmailJS. The majority of the styling was originally done with Material UI v4 and migrated to v5. I implemented responsive design for different screen sizes(are both desktop and mobile screen).

To start

After installing dependencies, run npm start


ezgif com-gif-maker


my resume integrated into the website, which you can pull up and close by clicking on a button

I embedded the resume component I created inside a swipable drawer, which is handled by a function when I click on the quote or click to see my resume” button.

The “About Me” section

To avoid repeating the code, I mapped my four areas of skills to the same template component. Styling was a bit difficult for me because I couldn’t use “\n” to create new lines in JSX. However, I eventually resolved this issue and gained more understanding of styling with CSS and React.

Picture and links to my GitHub repositories

I created a single React component and map the data of different repositories to this component to be displayed on the website. This way, I can add new repositories to show easily

a contact form which you can send me an email

The API I call to send email is EmailJS.

Icons with direct links to my Github, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts


@adrianhajdin for his portfolio for inspiring my design. His GitHub repo can be found at https://github.com/adrianhajdin/portfolio_website.git.


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