Akamai 2.0 Script Monitor

A simple program to notify you whenever the Akamai 2.0 script updates on a website via a discord webhook.


  • Notifications via Discord Webhook Integration:

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  • Saves the Akamai 2.0 script to the file system.

    • Scripts are saved to the \assets\downloaded_akamai_scripts\${HOSTNAME} folder.
    • Filename format: ${hostname}_${topIdentifierName}_${scriptHash}.js Where ${hostname} is the domain name of the target site, ${topIdentifierName} is the variable name of the empty object declared at the top of the script, and ${scriptHash} is the MD5 hash of the script.


Clone the repository, and install the dependencies with:

npm install


Open /config/config.json/ to modify the monitor config.

Delay Settings

Delay is an integer value representing the number of milliseconds to wait between each check. If one isn’t supplied, the program will use a default value of 5000ms.

    "delay": ${INTEGER},

Webhook Settings

You MUST configure the webhook settings to use this program. You can extract the webhook id and token from a webhook URL: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/${WEBHOOK_ID}/${WEBHOOK_TOKEN}.


Site Settings

You MUST configure the site settings to use this program. sites is a JSON Array containing the target sites. To add another target site, simply construct a new JSON object matching the specified format and add it to the sites array.



After configuring the file, start the monitor by running:

node index.js


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.




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